The Wrong Roman: Hadrian’s Wall. Twin Terrorists In The Roman Army: 122 A.D.

The Wrong Roman is a combination of information on the construction of the great wall and the antics of two twins who are psychopaths and who left their evil mark along the entire Wall.  They are fictitious but their existence is believable given the times and the isolation of the fortified Wall.  These two men do everything in their power to disrupt the orderly work on the Wall and are fortunate enough to have the protection of a relative who has strong influence in the senate in Roma.  The methods actually used in building the Wall are described here as the twins work their way from one assignment to another.  Right from the beginning one senses that there is something wrong here, but can’t quite point to the source. This is a history neatly folded into a mystery-who-done-it that will keep you entertained as well as informed.