The Ebb and Flow of Excellence: The Story of King Edward III of England and the Longbow 1307-1377

Edward III tried his best to be different from his father, Edward II. He succeeded in many respects, but failed in a few. Historians disagree on the impact of his life on English history. Some feel that he was the best English King to have ever served. Others think that he was self-aggrandizing and constantly trying to sell his image as a much feared King poured from the mould of King Arthur. Here two cousins serve Edward for most of his life. One favors the view that Edward was a magnificent King approving of many much-needed laws while the other cousin spends his time criticizing the things that he did poorly. One celebrates each triumph of Edward’s while the other complains that Edward fought for twenty years to gain the crown of France and failed. His main accomplishment was to bring pain and death to hundreds of thousands of Englishmen and Frenchmen. The author gives you the facts. Here you get to be the judge.