Oak Island: The Knights of Oak The Possible Fate of the Knights Templars After 1307

The Knights of Oak presents yet another theory concerning the fate of the Knights Templar after their initial arrest by the King of France, Philip IV in 1307. No one knows for certain what happened to the vast treasure that they had accumulated and especially to the Golden Menorah of King Solomon, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Holy Grail which they are thought to have kept hidden for centuries. This book describes one logical path that these treasures might have taken and how they might have ended up on Oak Island. It also ties the Templars to the mysterious tower in Newport, RI, and to the Kensington Stone in Minnesota. While these connections are only theoretical, they do beg attention because they explain some events which other theories cannot and they make good sense given the pressures of the times and the circumstances of the Templars. No other group of men, not pirates nor sea captains, would have had access to the vast knowledge of architecture and building coming from the east except the Templars who lived there during the Crusades. No other group of men would have had the patience and knowledge to build tunnels 150 feet below the ground, and booby trap them. And no others would have had anything worth burying so deep.