Early Irish-English History

These books bring to life early English history as seen from the eyes of the Irish, from 44 A.D. to 1471 and beyond. All are available for digital download from Amazon.com or Smashwords.com.

  • Oak Island: The Knights of Oak The Possible Fate of the Knights Templars After 1307

    The Knights of Oak presents yet another theory concerning the fate of the Knights Templar after their initial arrest by the King of France, Philip IV in 1307. No one knows for certain what happened to the vast treasure that they had accumulated and especially to the Golden Menorah of King Solomon, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Holy Grail. This book describes one logical path that these treasures might have taken and how they might have ended up on Oak Island.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • The Wrong Roman: Hadrian's Wall. Twin Terrorists In The Roman Army: 122 A.D.

    The Wrong Roman is a combination of information on the construction of the great wall and the antics of two twins who are psychopaths and who left their evil mark along the entire Wall. They are fictitious but their existence is believable given the times and the isolation of the fortified Wall. These two men do everything in their power to disrupt the orderly work on the Wall and are fortunate enough to have the protection of a relative who has strong influence in the senate in Roma. The methods actually used in building the Wall are described here as the twins work their way from one assignment to another. Right from the beginning one senses that there is something wrong here, but can’t quite point to the source. This is a history neatly folded into a mystery-who-done-it that will keep you entertained as well as informed. Enjoy!   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • Shadow Kings: The Life and Struggles of King Henry III of England, 1216-1272

    Shadow Kings is about the lives of two orphan Irish boys who manage to become part of the court of Henry III (1216). The boys joined Henry’s court at age 9 and 10, just about the same age as the King himself. Problems arise when the Cathars find their way to England. Much of the struggle in this story is centered around finding out who Henry really was. Chaos was normal for the court because Henry was entangled continually with the French, his barons, the Pope, the Welsh and the Scots and always broke.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • The Ebb and Flow of Excellence: The Story of King Edward III of England and the Longbow 1307-1377

    Edward III tried his best to be different from his father, Edward II. He succeeded in many re-spects, but failed in a few. Historians disagree on the impact of his life on English history. Some feel that he was the best English King to have ever served. Others think that he was self-aggrandizing and constantly trying to sell his image as a much feared King poured from the mould of King Arthur. Here two cousins serve Edward for most of his life. One favors the view that Edward was a magnificent King approving of many much-needed laws while the other cousin spends his time criticizing the things that he did poorly. One celebrates each triumph of Edward’s while the other complains that Edward fought for twenty years to gain the crown of France and failed. His main accomplishment was to bring pain and death to hundreds of thou-sands of Englishmen and Frenchmen. The author gives you the facts. Here you get to be the judge.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • The Peasant King: the Story of King Edward II 1307-1327AD

    Edward II of England was the royal misfit of the 14th century. He was the son of the great English King Edward I who was known for his battles with the Scots. His son, Edward II took up the battle call and continued most unsuccessfully to fight the Scots. Yet he did not win any battles on his own. He lost terribly at Bannockburn. His reign was compromised by too many favorites who wanted to rule in his stead and who were leaches on his kindness. He had a terrible sense of money and how to manage people, but his worst affliction was his penchant for the peasant life. He was happiest when he was out helping the peasants to dig a ditch or roof a building. When he engaged his peasant talents, he let his kingdom manage itself with often disastrous results. This is tale of politics at its best in the 1300’s with all of the elements that we see in politics today.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • Dueling Misfits – 1130-1154 AD

    The book takes the reader through the nineteen years of struggles between King Steven and Queen Maude (Matilda) who fought viciously for control of the crown of England. Hundreds of thousands of Englishmen died and millions suffered in many ways. History tells us that neither monarch was suited to rule. The story is told through the eyes of four Irish brothers who served both monarchs and secretly acted as spies, using the ancient Gaelic written language of ogham to pass on messages.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • The Twins of Torsh - 44 A.D. to 90 A.D.

    Twin brothers take vastly different routes at the time of the Roman Invasion of England. Jason becomes a competent engineer for the Romans while his brother, Julius, will have naught to do with them. Jason’s travels take him to Masada, he experiences the opening of the Coliseum in Rome and the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. He is betrayed by his best friend, Silvius. He is enslaved and eventually disowned by his own people.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • Rolf ‘The Red’ MacCanna - 796-846

    Rolf is a young boy in an Irish Druid family who wants to become a Druid priest but has a terrible memory. He is captured by the Vikings and lives under the laws of Odin for a time but escapes and fails to pass the Druid tests both times. He escapes with his life, becomes a hermit, marries a Catholic lady and eventually becomes a monk. Before his death he asks for a Christian-Druid-Viking funeral.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • An Irishman’s Revenge - 1066-1112

    Skel is enslaved after Senlac field and the Norman invasion. Over the years he becomes a master mason and suffers all manner of abuses by the Normans. He continually plots revenge, but keeps his thoughts to himself. In the end, he manages to bring his wrath down on his worst enemies in a most appropriate and brutal way.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • Brothers Four - 1180-1216

    The lives of King Richard I and King John come to light through the eyes of four Irish brothers, two of whom are warriors and two are scholars and scribes. We see both Kings as warriors might have viewed them and as scholars might have seen them.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • Edward’s Right Hand - 1272-1307

    Many adventures lie in the path of Justin who is right hand man to King Edward I. Things get complicated when Justin secretly marries a Jewess at a time when King Edward is persecuting the Jews. There are many battles with the Scots and Welsh and much consternation when Edward forces Justin to marry a French harlot because he thinks that Justin is unmarried. Then things get interesting.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • We Three Kings - 1377-1422

    The lives of King Richard II, King Henry IV and King Henry V of England described sometimes as ‘Bad king, fair king and good king.’ After 588 years, there are still some unanswered questions, especially about Henry V who dedicated his life to harassing the French people and trying to conquer all of France while spending hours each day on his knees praying to God.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords
  • The Icknield Way - 450 AD

    An ancient Bronze Age traders track is where the life of a young Angle emigree to England plays out. The track was used by peddlers to sell many products, including salt from the North Sea. Eivin survives many adventures on the track, is enslaved and serves as a miner of copper in a far off land. This was a lawless time after the Romans had left Britannia and anything could and did happen.   Buy on Amazon   Buy on Smashwords