Christmas Surprises

The first of two books of original Christmas stories set in the United States.

  1. Granny Fox – The humorous story of an old lady confined against her will to an old folks home. She designs havoc for her captors.
  2. Christmas Ship – The story of a lonely boy at sea who finds Christmas when his captain finds himself.
  3. A Logger’s Christmas – Men stuck in the forest in the early days are lost from their families until they set out to find their men. One lady has a baby in a cave and brings memories of a birth long ago.
  4. More Blessed – Two children have more toys than any ten children could play with. Their wealthy father decides to teach them a lesson in charity.
  5. Collie – A dog faces loneliness and desertion at Christmas. His people come to see him in a different way.
  6. Frying Pan – A young girl parading as a boy brightens the lives of two hateful old brothers.
  7. Christmas Package – A little boy seeks his mother by wrapping himself up as a big package and finds a friend instead.
  8. Christmas on the Run – A man who has escaped from prison and who was wrongly imprisoned finds a friend who asks no questions.
  9. Lost Christmas – Two brothers are skating. One drowns and the other is frightened of his father and fears going home to tell his parents what has happened. He goes it on his own.
  10. Mouldier Bread – A young man who is a baker’s son cannot get the hang of making good bread, but one failure after another spurs him into becoming a fine musician.
  11. Christmas Mystery – A series of strange presents appear at the house of a man who does not keep Christmas. Read and find out what really happens.
  12. A Dog’s Christmas – A family of animals is abandoned at Christmas but their humans do have a conscience and do return.


reference:  All Things Christmas