Christmas Secrets

Christmas Secrets is a collection of twelve original Christmas stories, inspiration at Christmas that highlights the problems that people face and how they manage to conquer their problems during the Christmas season. They are largely nondenominational, although there is one story that has Catholic overtones.

The stories are meant for families to read together while gathered by a warm, cozy fire. The subject matter is wide ranging, from the great Tillamook fire to Boston Harbor in the 1800’s. Happy endings are intended to bring smiles to everyone’s face. There is much humor and humanity in these stories.

  1. Christmas With Tub and Chub – An amusing story of two fat little boys who are denied their sweets at Christmas.
  2. Toy Factory – A story of a hard winter in a New England town when the town’s only toy factory burns down.
  3. Aunties Three – A lead story where two teenagers challenge their three maiden author aunts to write their best ever Christmas story. The next three stories that follow are ‘by the aunties.’
  4. Encore of Mercy – A dying opera singer who is down on her luck uses her charm and voice to breathe life into persons who are depressed at Christmas.
  5. The Sable – An elderly woman struggles to make ends meet and raise two grandchildren after the Tillamook fire.
  6. Surprise, Surprise – A story about a long lost love who has been found by some relatives and who is brought back into a lonely old woman’s life by her nieces and nephew.
  7. Christmas Wind – An old widower on the Oregon coast suddenly finds himself with two small orphan children at Christmas and must find ways to cope.
  8. The Pugilistic Sparrow – A young man living in a large city must choose between becoming a singer or a prize fighter.
  9. The Prince of Tacky Town – A stranger wanders into the midst of a group of homeless people and brings with him incredible energy and hope.
  10. The Driftwood Madonna – A young man struggles to emulate his older brother by turning out a masterpiece in wood only to discover that his true calling is sculpture.
  11. Cut and Run – A homeless boy living in New York City finds inspiration in a story in a book and sets out to make his way in the world on a frosty Christmas day.
  12. A Strange Family for Christmas – A young man who has no real family must find a way to exist at Christmas in a cold dorm room on a college campus. He brings incredible warmth to others with his clever solution.


reference:  All Things Christmas